Baseball in the 60s
HIPPI Baseball League

Denny McClain

1968 Cy Young

Willie McCovey

1968 & 1969 MVP

The league is called "HIPPI-Baseball League (HIPPI)", based on the era of the hippies and babyboomers.  This decade had probably the most HOF of any.  
We are a bunch of guys who either have special memories of baseball during the 60s or are not that old and just want to expand our knowledge of that era.
The league uses DKS baseball simulation and play 2 seasons each year.  We are starting the 1970 season in March 2022.  The previous season champions were:
1960-Washington Senators over the Reds
1961-New York Yankees over the Giants
1962-Dodgers over the KC Athletics
1963-Giants over Tigers
1964-Tigers over Giants
1965-Giants over Athletics
1966 Giants over Twins
1967 Tigers over Giants
1968 Cubs over Indians
1969 White Sox over the Reds
The decade is over and we move into the Disco era


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We currently have openings team- Padres, Royals, Yankees, Giants, Angels and Phillies

HIPPI Champs

Let's play TWO!!!


1964 Harman Killebrew has broken the HR record of Hank Aaron (60) with 69, Maris hit only 54 in '61.  Killebrew held the career HR record after the '64 season but Hammer'n Hank reclaimed it in '65 and still holds it with 301 thru the 1967 season.  Frank Robinson, Killebrew, Mantle, Mays, Cash, Colavito, Billy Williams and Banks round out the top 10. Koufax has dominated and leads in ERA/Whip/K., but Bunning has the most wins 148, followed by Drysdale, Maricahl, Larry Jackson, KOUFAX, O'Toole, Pascual, Gibson and Ford.  Chance and Pappas will probably break in this season..  Surprise, surprise, Wilhelm has the most saves (137) and Face and Radatz are the only others with >100.  Since batting averages were one of the top catagories in the 60's, Clemente is our leader at .331, followed by Pete Runnels, Jimmy Piersall (?), Oliva, Matty Alou and Mota, Billy WIlliams, Rich Rollins (another ?), Cepeda and Fairly.

Jimmy Wynn- MVP 1967

Harmon Killebrew



Johnny Callison

1965 MVP

The "MICK"



Sey Hey Willie-1966 MVP

Hammer'n Hank



Don Drysdale

Cy Young 1962/1964

Sandy Koufax

Cy Young 1963, 1965

Orlando Cepeda



Mike Mccormick

Cy Young


Camilio Pascual

Cy Young 


Jim Bunning wins the Cy Young in Koufax's last season 1966 and repeats in 1967

1969 Cy Young